Coach Training

Center for Coaching

Through our unique Coach Certification Programme, we help individuals transform their lives and those of others by helping them unleash their talents and prepare them to do the same for others. In our Coach Certification programme, you will learn the core models and competencies of high quality coaching. This program is an advanced compendium of over twelve years’ coaching experience, and equips participants with powerful tools for communication, personal organization, scenario analysis, and mapping the traits of people they would be required to coach, whether individually or in groups.

In addition to gaining advanced coaching skills, participants will acquire the mindset required to become truly excellent coaches and establish close partnering relationships with clients that foster individual autonomy and responsibility.

Participants can immediately put into practice everything they study and experience during the programme, thanks to a wide array of consolidation activities done in between modules. These include:

   *   Coaching supervision and mentor coaching sessions under the guidance of internationally-certified mentor coaches

   *   Group practice sessions on managing the coaching process and conversations

   *   Topic-specific sessions focused on particular competencies

   *   Individual or group study sessions on the reference models and on specific conversations, context-analysis and organizational model

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