Coach Certification

Our solid theoretical foundations provide our trainee coaches with powerful tools for interpreting situations, while our strongly pragmatic approach works alongside to help them immediately translate what they have learned into concrete and effective behaviours.

Our Coach Certification Programme enables you:

   *   Understand the core competencies required and ethical boundaries of coaching

   *   Focus on practice, feedback and integration in your own role and context

   *   Develop greater awareness of your beliefs, values, strengths and emotional intelligence

This programme begins with is an eight-day intensive session, (see next page for detailed breakdown of modules) which sets the foundation for coaching with eligibility to register for the International Coach Federation ‘ICF’ Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential. Upon the completion of the intensive in-class modules, trainees can then choose to continue their Coach Certification journey with our Professional and Specialty Coach Certification Training which makes them eligible for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential. 

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