One-to-One Executive and Leadership Coaching

“…he has big aspirations, technically sound and delivers results, but his attitude bothers everyone. He is argumentative, doesn’t listen and isn’t flexible. Three key staff have left since he took over and am afraid others may join…”

“...She’s a high performer, married with three children and her unit Director leaves in 9 months. We know her family is important to her and we want to be sure she will be ready to take over ahead of this time and still keep her personal and private commitments...”

These are just 2 scenarios that require our Executive/Leadership Coaching Solution.



The ACHIEVE 1:1 is a confidential, trusting, one-on-one process and relationship between executive or key leaders and our experienced TBA Coaches.

The focus is on supporting and guiding an executive/leader to gain new levels of insight, skills and knowledge in order to set and implement key goals for personal and professional change. Wherever possible, integrate these changes with business goals and objectives. Each Coaching relationship is determined by the goals and needs of the executive/leader and the organization.


Benefits include

  • Improved goal setting and faster achievement of goals
  • Fast-track leadership development
  • Ability to inspire and motivate teams
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Overcome internal and situational barriers




Attitudinal and Behavioural Change Programme

Are leaders born and not made?

Leadership has become clearly recognised as a critical element of performance. Research has shown that outstanding leaders create high performing organisations by generating a performance orientated ‘climate’.

Our experience shows improvement in leadership behaviour through development interventions have resulted in sustainable behavioural change, which in turn has yielded performance improvement in the organisation for which they are accountable.

So are leaders born and not made? The answer to this question is NO! This programme will help transform managers to leaders.



Using proprietary tools and contemporary research rooted in various fields including emotional intelligence, leadership and organisational psychology, ABC LEADERS programme will raise individual levels of self-knowledge and reinforce behaviours that will result in effective and transformational people leadership.


Benefits include

  • Self -awareness and control of emotions
  • Non-monetary techniques to motivate teams
  • Ability to influence people in sphere of influence
  • Better understanding of the role of power and politics in organisations
  • Learn transformational and situational leadership qualities




Human Performance Development Programme

Leaders and managers are not generally looking to become coaches but they and their organisations may want them to develop a 'coaching management style' to be able to unleash potential in their team.



POWER COACH Programme will give individuals insight into their core attitudinal, emotional and behavioural patterns and help them learn how to develop themselves and their team members to become peak performers.

Limiting and self-defeating patterns will be identified and a connection will be made between personal growth, purpose, energy levels and organisational growth.

With this new appreciation of self as a basis, the second part of the learning will focus on how the individual can develop a ‘coaching management style’ to be able to unleash the potential of others.


Benefits include

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Sustained high performance coaching culture
  • Improved morale and satisfaction
  • Improved business relationships
  • Improvement in performance



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