Team Performance Coaching

“…this used to be such a great team. Now people are doing just enough to get by. …”

“...we can’t fail! We have always exceeded our targets. This new project seems almost impossible to achieve, where do we start from?”

TBA Team Performance Coaching Solution is the cutting-edge performance-raising tool for team development. It can be used both for already high-performing teams and for teams who have less effective results.



The STAR TEAMS Coaching process is a relationship between the entire team and at least 2 TBA Coaches.

Team coaching and tailored training interventions help facilitate the creation and growth of high performing, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, including senior management level and those who work virtually. We assist teams build on their existing team dynamics and develop desired skills to overcome key challenges.

Each Coaching relationship is determined by the goals and needs of the team and the organization.


Benefits include

  • Improved communication leading to more positive and productive team relationships
  • Enhanced ability to create and implement successful change processes
  • Growth in intercultural/ethnic competence within the team;
  • Retention of key talent
  • Reduced interpersonal conflicts




Team-based Experiential Learning

Many Organisations see team building programs as an opportunity for their staff to get away from the office, play games, have fun and ‘bond’. They understand the momentary buzz it creates but the high lasts only for the moment. The Return on Investment of such programmes is low at best and organisations see no real value in the process.

Our experiential team building programmes are different...



Fun is an integral part of our activities, but we believe in ‘serious’ fun. Our team challenges are customised to the needs of your team and our professional facilitators help participants gain insight into how individual behaviour in each activity impacts team results in real life. The activities elicit self-reflection and as a result, insights are deep and can be very personal.

Our extensive database of indoor or outdoor activities brings to life team dynamics such as communication, trust, quality, accountability and leadership. TBAs experienced facilitation help our clients to maximise the value and Return on Investment on their team building investment.


Benefits include

  • Accelerated relationship development
  • Improved communication
  • Self reflection (meta learning)
  • Reduced interpersonal conflicts
  • Unearth hidden issues that impact the team



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