Who we are

Our VISION is to remain the trailblazer in experiential individual and team development, building synergy across perceived boundaries.

We are team development consultants whose primary mission is to partner with organisations to raise their level of performance by changing and developing the individual from the inside out. As the strategic regional partner of Teambuilding USA and Glowinkowski International UK, our dedicated pool of Certified Behavioral Analysts, Certified Professional Coaches and Business Psychologists use proprietary tools to diagnose and design customised solutions that unlock an organisation’s performance potential.



With years of experience and research on organisational behaviour, we know that an organisation’s journey to sustained success is rarely smooth. Along the way they will come across several defining moments. At such points many questions are asked.

THE INDIVIDUAL may need to know why they can never seem to please their boss or how to take on the challenges of a new role with all other personal and organisational responsibilities.

THE TEAM LEAD may be asking how to leverage the latent power of their team or maybe how to attain an ambitious team driven goal.

THE ORGANISATION may have been handed a major change management roadmap and asking how to implement it effectively.

At TeamBuilding Africa, we know that highly motivated and empowered teams can “do more, with less” and we know that synergy will enhance an organisation’s ability to manage change and sustain growth.

We understand the key levers necessary for change at each level.             

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