Behavioural Change Programmes

At TBA, we offer a wide range of training programmes to suite your need. We do not just train you to check the box, we help you to understand how to embed the experience from the session into your organisation. Our key area of focus is Attitudinal and Behavioural Change. Based on our extensive experience in this area, our training programmes are unique in their mode of delivery and follow up. 

We focus on providing cutting-edge tools and techniques to our clients and we are trusted with the delivery of programmes because our team of expert facilitators are all experienced practitioners who can transfer the knowledge, skills and tools your people need for the required organisational transformation. The depth of experience, combined with the way we work (our methodologies and approach), allows us to focus on making a difference with our clients, working from the ‘inside-out’ – turning our experience into your expertise.

Our Programmes

Some of our training programmes include: